ASWESAW is a London based experimental documentary project with a cinematic approach. Western cool meets East-European drama. Maysles Brothers without the travel. Anton Corbijn without the jokes. Fassbinder on psychedelics and punk but more quiet. Social and lonely. American landscape photography crammed in tiny streets and brick walls under grey skies. Too broke to fly between continents. It’s still good.

ASWESAW is initiated by London based artist/filmmaker Boldizsar CR who also started producing the content. It is about witnessing London from the point of view of local “makers” who live and breath with the city. A developing project made by and focusing on a diverse and expanding network of creators in the arts, music, film and fashion.

The name refers to a spontaneous snapshot attitude (and not necessarily style of content) and subjectivity. What we show is not the truth or reality but the work resulted based on how the maker of the actual piece experienced it. If it’s an interview it is spontaneous in a sense, that it’s not staged and also not made with a lot of knowledge of the subject, but spontaneously. The result reflects on actual reality (rainy day, mood, environment) and state of mind of both the person records it and the subject. It is expressive in terms of of both subject and maker. These pieces are rather sketches towards an art piece then the finished work. Being unfinished and unpolished might mean it still has soul and the viewer might be able to live the experience and imagine it further. It is not flawless and that is one reason we call it experimental. It is a DIY punk attitude towards film making at a digital age. Collaboration is key. We are hoping to grow and becoming more and more diverse.

Boldizsar CR is London based filmmaker with a background in Sociology and Artist Film. He has shown work in art galleries and film festivals internationally. Besides ASWESAW he works as a freelance Music Promo and Fashion Film Director. His work can be found at

SUBMIT if you have relevant content or want to get involved. Please write all enquiries to boldizsar@aswesaw.com